Watching Games

Watching games live in New Zealand can be tough.   Not only are they in the middle of the night but the Government introduced new licensing laws in 2014 where bars/pubs cannot open after 4am.  They also cannot serve alcohol before 8am.

This means that any game starting after 2:00 am is unlikely to be screened in a public venue.  The Eurpoean games in the morning are usually shown at the main venues but no beersies until at least half time I'm afraid.  Check our Facebook pages however to see which matches are being shown.  


Official Liverpool Supporters Club NZ Venues                                                                                                          

The official venues for the OLSCNZ are listed below.   We try to meet as often as possible to watch games together but check our Facebook pages to confirm whether the pubs will be open for the match 


Auckland  - The Paddington, 117 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell

Contact :  Peter Carroll

Wellington - The Four Kings, 7-11 Dixon Street 

Contact :  Matt Toole 

Hamilton - The Quadrant, 391 Victoria St, Hamilton

Contact : Rob Shirlow

Tauranga          Venue :  The Phoenix on the Strand

Check Facebook Tauranga LFC Supporters page for details)

Contact  -  Steve Raine 



Christchurch    Venue :  Lulus Bar and Eatery,  31 Victoria St, Christchurch

Check Facebook Christchurch LFC Supporters page for details

Contact - Glen Stevenson