Tickets to Anfield

As an Official Liverpool Supporters Club, we are entilted to a limited number of tickets via a "Group Ticket Booking facility" for all EPL home games. We can apply for 5 tickets for 5 matches in each half of the season. No group booking is guaranteed – all bookings are subject to availability. Having grown from humble beginnings to over 1100 members this means ticket allocations are now harder for members to obtain. 


Applications for tickets will go out in July and Oct/Nov for each half of the season via an email to all members on our databse. Please make sure you update us with any email address changes.


LFC have strict guidleines we must adhere to in applying for and allocating tickets to our members. Members who fail to adhere to these guidelines put us in danger of losing access to our Group Booking Facility. These guidleines will be communictaed to you in the ticket request email sent out.   


To gain entry to Anfield you must be an official member of both OLSCNZ and LFC (Full or Lite membership - not International). This is a Membership with LFC directly which is in addition to your OLSCNZ membership.